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MDCrowdFunders is a European MD angel investor network specifically for physicians, and is focused only on MedTech startups. We are combining technology and the collaborative expertise of a physician network to develop great investment opportunities while supporting healthcare startups at every stage of their growth.

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B1G1We believe in Philanthropy. For every Founder who registers MDCrowdFunders will donate one giving impact through B1G1.

What will your startup be able to do on MDCrowdFunders?
  • Present your offer
    On your Profile section you will be able to present your pitch video to tell your audience about your project. You will be able to load your pitch deck, term sheet and supporting documents
  • Invite your Followers to submit questions
    Leverage your MD CrowdFunders followers by inviting them to ask questions regarding your technology offer. Create additional multiple choice, range, and essay questions to help you garner the insight you seek from our network of physicians on your dedicated profile section. You can also provide your viewers with context in the form of videos, images, or text.
  • Company Updates
    Use your MDCrowdFunders profile to push company updates to not only your MDCrowdFunders profile but also to all your connected social networks. These updates will be posted to your company profile and can be linked to your social media.
  • Raise Capital
    MD CrowdFunders makes it easy to centralize your efforts while raising capital as-well-as managing your angel-class investors. In addition to your company profile, when you have an open syndicate fund on MD CrowdFunders, you will have a dedicated section to be used to promote your investment to prospective investors.
  • MD CrowdFunders Physician Advisors
    Seeking physician advisors on MD CrowdFunders is very easy. Simply indicate you are “Seeking Advisors” on your profile settings and include a custom message. Physicians viewing your company profile will see the message and can be proposed directly via the platform.
  • Build Your Network
    Use your MDCrowdFunders profile to detail your venture, to gauge investment interest and to get feedback from the network on your approach and messaging.
  • Physician Insight Review
    It all starts with our company surveys. These surveys are launched for every startup that is on-boarded onto the platform. They take only couple minutes to complete but provide you with valuable insight. Your company profile and company survey will be reviewed as part of our quality control measures. We can make the reviews available to you for use in your messaging and communication campaigns
  • Marketing Package
    Take advantage of our marketing offers to help ensure your pitch deck and pitch video really work for you and help promote your unique concept to the investors in the community.